Jean-Pierre Bernaerts has over 30 years of experience in ICT. More than 20 as a CIO or IT director in different business sectors. His broad experience in this field have proven to be the perfect base for becoming an external DPO.

So in 2015 Jean-Pierre decided to start a new career as external DPO and Data Protection advisor. It took him something more than one year to prepare the move which included meetings and discussions with law firms, individual lawyers, DPO’s, a whole lot of studying and many many conversations with his wife, Kristel, who very fortunately happens to be a Master in Law and among other things explained Jean-Pierre how to think as a legal counsel which is quite different from the way of thinking of a CIO…

Currently Jean-Pierre does not only have six mandates as an external DPO within different industries like sports, healthcare, digital ad agencies, insurance, HR, ICT Services but services other customers as Data Protection advisor.

Jean-Pierre works together with Kristel from his own company ‘DPOffice’ in Diest, Belgium. Small but beautiful. Our website :